Cosplay Tutorial: Achieve the Harley Quinn Look from The Suicide Squad – Red Dress and Wig Costume Guide

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial:

Learn how to recreate the iconic Harley Quinn look from the Birds of Prey movie in this step-by-step tutorial. Thank you to all our Patrons for supporting this video. You can contribute to video creation by joining our Patreon for just $1!

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Intro filmed by the talented David Love Photography. Check out his YouTube channel, Instagram, and Patreon for more amazing content.


Wig: I used a combination of two wigs. The lace front is available at [link] and the colors are from [link]. For a non-lace front option, check out [link].

Contact Lenses: Get the Sweety Ocean Blue lenses from [link]. Use code “ALYSON” to save!

Tattoos: Designed by YumiSadamoto, you can find these tattoos at [link].

Waterproof facepaint: Use the Bone color from [link].

Translucent Setting Powder: [link]

Waterproof Black Liquid Eyeliner: [link]

Eyeliner for Waterline: [link]

Waterproof Lipstick: [link]

Alternative Lip Stain: [link]

Contour: [link]

Fake Blood: [link] (this is the closest option we could find)

Complete your look with eyeshadow, highlight, and lip gloss from [link]. Use code “ALYSON” to get 10% off your first order.

Filming Equipment:
– VLOG Camera with built-in audio recording: [link]
– My First DSLR Camera: [link]
– My Newer DSLR with 24-105mm USM Kit: [link]
– Standard Lens: [link]
– 50mm Lens: [link]
– Ring Light: [link]
– Soft Box Lights: [link]
– RGB Color Changing Lights: [link] (highly recommended)

0:00 Intro
0:17 Dress
3:49 Weathering
4:38 Underskirt
5:35 Wig
7:12 Outro

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26 thoughts on “Cosplay Tutorial: Achieve the Harley Quinn Look from The Suicide Squad – Red Dress and Wig Costume Guide

  1. So for the ruffles I can just layer them right?
    Asking since I have my own Harley design with a dress that layers it's ruffles and I'm not sure on how to really do it yet
    I'm in my 2nd half of 1st year in job school