Wide Series – Minimalist Layout

Folk, this is my 1st post for the new category of my blog, it’s preliminary. Through this category, I`ll publish my mind game about house design. Base on the name, preliminary, it mean all published design will be in preliminary stage. If you interest, dont hesitate to contact me to proceed to the next stage.

Preliminary of QS-001 Plan
Preliminary of WS-001 Plan - click to enlarge
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In this 1st post, the title of the design is Wide Series – WS-001. The concept itself is to explore and to maximize the idea of wide space and simplicity. The next step will be determined the more additional value and function base on your requirement. Can be reduced or enlarge follows you site.

And then, what you’ll get more?

I`ll offers you to discuss,

  • more detailed function and value
  • more impresion picture
  • more detailed drawing
  • idea of finishing material
  • technical workable drawing
  • and taylor it to suitable your desire
  • etc..

Contact me for more detailed information.

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