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If you haven’t been able to get into beta to check these suits   batman costume  of armor out in person, SOE has you covered. As Harley Quinn took complete control of the security systems and Batman was forced to stay behind by the Arkham guards out of fear that his presence would unsettle the more violent prisoners, Joker violently murdered his escorts and escaped into the heart of the asylum, slaughtering dozens of guards and inmates alike and released large quantities of his laughing toxin into the air ducts. Back in reality, Batman went back to Gordon, only to find that it was, in fact, the body of another security guard that Scarecrow had killed. There were no security cameras installed in the train cars. This Halloween, if you want to send chills down the spines of your friends either in fear or lust then you can find many authentic and high quality Dark Knight costumes out there. And with Captain Marvel being the first female-led solo superhero film in the Marvel universe, it’s really no wonder that there was such a strong response with audiences around the globe. Watch the video to see fans dressed as the Joker, Batgirl, Deadpool, Tony Stark, Guinan, Thrawn, John Wick, Princess Leia, Wolverine, Star-Lord, Jack Sparrow, Spider-Man, Captain America, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Link, Flash, Captain EO, Pokemon, Rey and Wonder Woman, just to name some of the characters who showed up.

Additionally, it’s exciting to see a reference included to Harley Quinn, who has grown into one of the standout stars of the DCEU thanks to Margot Robbie’s well-received portrayal. So if you have decided on this disguise idea for Halloween, then you can imitate one of the three costumes or put together an interpretation yourself. Meeting for the first time face to face with Batman, Crane was then exposed and taken back to Arkham, this time as the institution’s newest inmate. Crane then held up his end and began attacking several, opposing crime bosses and aid in the fight against Carmine Falcone. Harley Quinn was allowed to aid the orderlies and gained access to restricted areas after she deceived them into believing that she had reformed, and released several of the inmates on Joker’s “party list,” including Crane. To that end, Crane informed his associate, the Joker, of the project and both villains collaborated on using the operation for their own ends by planning a brutal riot at the asylum.

To serve as the ultimate test subjects, joker halloween costume Crane began to use his fear gas on other doctors and professors at the asylum during his sessions with them. Revealing that the Arkham Knight’s forces had attacked Oracle at the Clock Tower, having been informed by the Knight that she had been working for Batman for years, Crane escaped and locked Batman within the chamber to die. Two months later, Joker resurfaced and was captured by Batman following a staged attack on Gotham’s Mayor as he gave a speech at City Hall. Three body bags lay there, two of which contained Bruce’s deceased parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, who spoke to him, and Scarecrow jumped out of the third. Scarecrow was found by Batman using his Fear Gas to attack his state-sponsored psychologist, Dr. Kellerman. Scarecrow later attacked Batman with his Fear Gas again in the Library at the Arkham Mansion, after Batman destroyed Dr. Young’s Titan Formula. Convinced that Crane was well on his way to being reformed, with her respect for his brilliant mind clouding her judgment, and that the stories that surrounded the villain were exaggerated, Dr. Young informed him of her Titan Project, joker and harley quinn halloween costumes believing that his mind could be an invaluable asset.

Scarecrow himself learned of Dr. Young’s plans and ambitions during their various therapy sessions together, where Crane’s brilliance in both chemistry and psychology gained deep respect from the naive woman. Batman apprehended Scarecrow. Locked him back up in Arkham Asylum. Crane’s moment of opportunity presented itself when Warden Sharp hired Dr. Young, a reputable therapist, to work on research and experimental operations at Arkham Asylum. Sure enough, he’s attacked on the subway, this time by drunken Wall Street guys who happen to work for Wayne. That caused Batman to relive his parents’ deaths, and him walking down a long, never-ending hall that turned into a city street in the pouring rain. The voices soon ended, and another giant Scarecrow hallucination ensued, in which Batman escaped Scarecrow’s hold once more by shining a second Batsignal at him. The mission succeeds and Scarecrow is able to inject the Dark Knight with his newest toxin during a bank robbery, resulting in the hero retreating. Crane later discovered how fear was induced through biochemistry; the result of his discovery was an incredible panicogenic toxin that creates nightmarish hallucinatory manifestations of the patient’s worst fears. Having access to countless supplies and resources from Dr. Young, as well as access to outside his cell from bribed guards, Crane was successful in continuously strengthening the effects of his toxin.

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