34 thoughts on “Top 10 Redesigned X-Men Costumes

  1. #9: He was the youngest until Kitty join.

    #4: That Dark Phoenix wasn't the real Jean.

    #3: It was the team space adventure against the Brood (and being impregnated with a Brood embryo) that caused her to lose contact with nature which triggered the new look.

  2. I've always been a fan of the Lee Cyclops outfit. Unlike some of the others with the mentioned 90s pouch-bling (Cable comes to mind), Scott's was not over the top, and I appreciated the asymmetric straps leading to the X roundel. Never been a big Wolverine fan, but the earth tones definitely suit him better than the yellow/blue.

  3. Dear Dan from WhatCulture, I say this with love and encouragement: your narration speed was much too slow for my taste. My guess is you're just trying to be clear, but I think people will be able to keep up if you sped up your tempo. Great video otherwise!

  4. Marvel needs a new mutant anti-hero team: Mr. Sinister & Archangel & Sabretooth & Juggernaut & Mystique & Destiny & Gambit & Rogue & Psylocke & Omega Red & Colossus & Kitty Pride

  5. I prefer Wolverine's blue and yellow costume. The 90's Xmen cartoon introduced me to the franchise, and the blue and yellow was iconic. When I started seeing him in the yellow and brown, all I could ask was "who approved of this hideous costume?"

  6. Quicksilver's Age of Apocalypse design is my favorite look of his. I normally don't care for the quasi-military look that's so prevalent in costume design nowadays but for Pietro it worked since it made him look powerful and authoritative while having good color balance.

  7. Of all the X-MEN characters. I always love Magneto’s costume especially the classic one but when they redesign his costume and turn it all white,really fits his character. Plus Wolverine’s costume to me is always iconic to me no matter what costume he wore over the years if I pick one I’ll pick the brown and orange one.